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Junko (純狐, Junko) est l'antagoniste principale de Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Elle est une esprit divin et l'ennemie principale des Lunariens, qui ont orchestrés une invasion de la Lune pour le seul but de tuer Chang'e, la déesse de la lune. Junko. De Touhou Wiki. Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. 純狐 (じゅんこ) Junko d͡ʑʲɯ̹̃ŋko̞; Junko dans Legacy of Lunatic. Junko is the final boss of Touhou 15, Legacy of lunatic Kingdom.. Junko's power is to purify anything, it refers to the refining of substances to remove impurities, such as in the refinement of metals. She used this power on her own grudge, strengthening it such that she became the embodiment of her resentment as a divine spirit, without even a need for an identity anymore Junko (純狐) is the sworn enemy of the Lunarians, dedicating herself to their destruction following the death of her son at the hands of Chang'e's husband. Ultimately, she used her own power to purify anything to purify herself, turning herself into the embodiment of her own hate, a Divine Spirit formed from her own emotions and willpower. Tier: At least High 3-A, possibly Low 2-

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  1. Junko (純狐 Junko) es la principal antagonista de Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Es un espíritu sagaz y enemigo declarado de los Lunarians que orquestaron la invasión a la Luna con el único propósito de matar a Chang'e. ¡Bienvenid@ al wiki de Touhou en español! Recuerda revisar nuestras pautas de edición antes de editar; Para más información sobre cómo ayudar, dirígete a nuestro.
  2. Junko (純狐 Junko) es la principal antagonista de Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Es un espíritu sagaz y enemigo declarado de los Lunarians que orquestaron la invasión a la Luna con el único propósito de matar a Chang'e. Junko apareció como la jefe final y Extra ayudante de jefe de Legacy of Lunatic..
  3. Junko est capable de purifier n'importe quoi, mais sa faculté ne doit cependant pas être confondue avec le concept shintoïste de la puret Au sein de la série Touhou Project, il semblerait cependant que le personnage de Hou Yi ne désigne qu'une seule et même personne. Apparitions . Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Passé. Junko avait autrefois un fils qui fut tué par le mari de Chang'e.
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  1. Junko (Touhou) VS Junko (Danganronpa) Forum > Fun and Games board > Junko (Touhou) VS Junko (Danganronpa) The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off
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  3. Junko là người đã phát động cuộc chiến với Nguyệt Đô để trả thù Hằng Nga.Kế hoạch mà Junko và Hecatia đưa ra hết sức hiệu quả, và gần như đã vô hiệu hóa hoàn toàn khả năng chống trả của Nguyệt Đô. Nhưng cô không ngờ Sagume đã thực hiện một sự đánh cược và đưa nhân vật chính, một người không.
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  5. Junko peut désigner : Junko (純子), un prénom japonais. Personnalités. Junko, l'un des noms de Junko Kudō, une réalisatrice et danseuse japonaise. Toponymes Venezuela. El Junko : l'une des onze paroisses civiles de la municipalité de Vargas dans.

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De Touhou Wiki. Sauter à la Clownpiece était parmi les fées exposées aux pouvoirs de Junko pendant les éventements de Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, la transformant en un être de pure force de vie dont les Lunarians ne pouvait pas se battre sans becoming permanently tainted. On ne sait pas si cela est encore vrai au moment où elle vient à Gensokyo. Informations Origine . Clownpiece est. Junko is a Divine Spirit with the ability to Purify anything. She is an enemy to the Lunarians, and is said by Reimu Hakurei to be calm, yet annoying. In contrast to the likes of Cirno, and Utsuho Reiuji, Junko is considered to be very intelligent according to fandom.. Junko (純狐 Junko) es un espíritu divino, así como un enemigo jurado de los Lunarian, introducida como la jefa del Stage 6 de Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. Junko | Wiki Touhou Fannon | FANDOM powered by Wiki Le meurtre de Junko Furuta (女子高生コンクリート詰め殺人事件 , Joshikōsei konkurīto-zume satsujin-jiken) est une affaire criminelle dans laquelle une jeune fille japonaise, Junko Furuta, (古田順子, Furuta Junko), âgée de 16 ans à l'époque, fut assassinée. Ce sinistre crime a atteint un haut niveau de notoriété au Japon. Le crime. En novembre 1988, Hiroshi Miyano. Junko Saotome (早乙女淳子), a fictional character from Nana; Junko Takei (竹井醇子), a fictional character from Strike Witches; Junko Wallop, a fictional character in the animated television series Storm Hawks; Junko (純狐), boss character from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, a Touhou Project game; This page or section lists people that share the same given name. If an internal link led.

Talents []. Engrais : augmente la puissance des capacités de type Plante du Pokémon quand ses PV sont inférieurs à 1 / 3 ;; Délestage (Talent caché) : augmente la Vitesse du Pokémon s'il perd ou utilise l'objet qu'il tenait au début du combat.; Étymologies []. Français : Jungko vient de jungle, de ginkgo et de gecko. Anglais : Sceptile vient de sceptridium (une espèce de. Junko (純狐) is a Touhou Character. She is Despair Junko's bestie and works at the Community Café. She lives in room 666 Junko (Touhou Project) Summary. This story takes place after the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, and before Sanae's legacy mode (with misses) ending. Sanae attempts to face Junko by herself and is almost killed, but is saved by Reimu and brought home. Kanako and Suwako spend the rest of the night watching over her, and struggle to come to terms with the girl's mortality. Meanwhile.

Junko (じゅんこ、ジュンコ) is a feminine Japanese given name. The following fictional characters appeared on this wiki that are named Junko: Junko (純狐), a character from Touhou Project., Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子), the main antagonist from the Dangaronpa video game series., Junko Hashiatei (哈斯亜提 淳乎), an.. Junko - Series: Touhou Project (Windows Canon), Gender: Female, Roulette: Game& Animanga, Main Alias: Nameless Bein Junko is an Touhou Character. Junko Friends. Clownpiece, Hecatia, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya, Igor, Sophie, James, and Pingy Enemies. Mima, Yandere-chan, Zatsune Miku and IA How can you explain this? This article (Junko) is a stub. Why don't you help the GoAnimate Community by expanding it? Just smash that Edit button and expand it as much as you can! As always the. Refining Junko (Touhou) is a divine spirit that has the power to remove impurities from anything. Power/Ability to: Refine anything. The power to remove unwanted aspects or impurities, refining anything. Contents . Also Called. Absolute Purification Alchemical Purification Imperfection Removal Perfect Purification Pure State Inducement Capabilities. User can refine anything to its purest. Touhou Wiki. Purchasing Guide: Touhou Wiki's guide for buying games, print works, and music. Gensokyo.org: Forums, English Patches, Mangas, News, and Replays. Maidens of the Kaleidoscope: Forums and News. Nico Seiga Daily Touhou Illustration Ranking. Freebies: Our local stock of F2P Touhou games and music creations

Extra Junko. From Touhou Puppet Dance Performance. Jump to: navigation, search. Extra Junko じゅんこ : Type Void: Cost 120 Exp. at Lv. 100 1,150,000 Abilities Hate Incarnate or Absorbent: Level 1-20 Item Drops 80% Gold Dust, 20% Magical Fragment Level 21+ Item Drops 40% Gold Dust, 40% Gold Coin, 20% Magical Fragment Style Changes Normal Junko Power Junko Speed Junko < Previous - Clownpiece. Touhou Project (Touhou, 東方, meaning Eastern or Oriental, pronounced Toh Hoh, the same way as the film studio, Toho, though spelt differently) is a series of doujin vertical-scrolling Shoot'em ups in the Bullet Hell and Cute 'em Up subgenres, developed by Team Shanghai Alice. It is most famous for its high difficulty level involving intricate bullet patterns, and that instead of having. Hong Meiling is a youkai, though it isn't currently known which specific category she actually belongs to. She guards the entrance to the Scarlet Devil Mansion along with her henchmen. She is known for her mastery of the martial arts, part of which can be seen from her movement which is performed with Shin-Kyaku (a move in Chinese martial arts). During the events of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Hong Meiling (紅 美鈴, Hon Meirin) jest youkai, lecz póki co nie wiadomo jakiego rodzaju. Jest ona strażnikiem bramy w Rezydencji Szkarłatnego Diabła. Znana jest ze swojej mistrzowskiej znajomości sztuk walki, co można dostrzec, obserwując jej ruchy, gdy wykonuje Shin-Kyaku (ruch w chińskich sztukach walki) Junko (じゅんこ、ジュンコ) is a feminine Japanese given name. The following fictional characters appeared on this wiki that are named Junko are: Junko (純狐), a character from Touhou Project., Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子), the main antagonist from the Dangaronpa video game series., Junko Hashiatei (哈斯亜提 淳乎), an..

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Junko is the final boss of LoLK, and she has the power to purify anything. She used some of this power on some of the hell fairies and turned them into pure-life forces to threaten the Lunar Kingdom. Gallery. Share to. Copied; Likes (15) Comments (0) Copied; Likes (15) Like 15. Comment . Into Touhou Project? Join the community. Get Amino. Touhou is a Japanese doujin game series that specializes in shoot'em ups by sole Team Shanghai Alice member ZUN. It has a large fandom in both Eastern and Western countries. The main setting of the Touhou series lies in a haunted, fantastic region of Japan called Gensokyo, land where is mainly inhabited by humans and youkai alike as is sealed away from the outside world by the Great Hakurei.

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From Touhou Wiki < Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom‎ | Spell Cards. Jump to navigation Jump to search < Stage 5 Spell Cards Extra > Boss Spell Card #1 . Spell Card 079 「掌の純光」 (Tanagokoro no Junkou ) Pure Light of the Palm Owner. Junko Stage 6 — Easy. Editor's Comment. Light reaches out to embrace you like an open palm. Spell Card 080 「掌の純光」 (Tanagokoro no Junkou. Touhou Project (東方Project) is a series comprised of shooter games made by Team Shanghai Alice. The games are for Windows PCs. The series is notable for having a large amount of characters and that the gameplay revolves around moving through comlex, organized, patterned projectiles while attacking at the same time. See also: Touhou Wiki This is a list of Touhou model Games: Touhou Project fanfiction archive with over 2,818 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans

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Touhou Kanjuden ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Đông Phương Cám Châu Truyền) là tựa game số 15 của Touhou Project và là sản phẩm Touhou thứ 24. Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom có bản dùng thử được phát hành chính thức vào ngày 10 tháng 5 năm 2015, đồng thời với bản chính thức của Urban Legend in Limbo Touhou-Online, Ham-Sur-Heure, Hainaut, Belgium. 8,336 likes · 321 talking about this. Touhou-Online est une association francophone de Touhou-Project, prêt a accueillir tous les fans de Touhou et a.. Junko Goriya (鮴谷 じゅん子 Goriya Junko) is a Japanese OC by LinuxFan399. WI Touhou Project is a series of vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games created by ZUN (real name Jun'ya Oota), starting with Highly Responsive to Prayers, which was publicly released in 1996.. Among the vertical shooters, other media related to Touhou Project were also released by ZUN, including six fighting games made in collaboration with Tasogare Frontier; most Touhou Project characters. Junko Minagawa (皆川 純子, Minagawa Junko ), es una seiyū japonesa afiliada con Haikyo. Nació el 22 de noviembre de 1975 en Tsuchiura, Ibaraki. Es conocida por sus interpretaciones de personajes masculinos, aunque también ha realizado papeles femeninos. Trabajos.hack//Leyenda del Crepúsculo (Shugo Kunisaki), Akatsuki no Yona (Yoon), ARIA (Akira E. Ferrari), Black Cat (Leon Elliott and.

Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon Junko, Divine Spirit of Pure Furies is a Touhou-Based Custom Champion in League of Legends. Notes No additional details. Notes No additional details. Notes No additional details. Notes No additional details. Junko is a divine spirit whose ability is to purify anything and is made of purity herself. While most champions in the game are designed to kill, Junko is made with the sole purpose of.

Hecatia Lapislazuli (ヘカーティア・ラピスラズリ, Hekātia Rapisurazuri) is a Goddess of Hell Cast Reimu as Cody, Yumemi as Zeke, Suika as Lani, Cirno as Chicken Joe, Sukuna as Mikey, Junko as Reggie, Remilia as Tank/The Shredder, Yukari as Edna, Sanae as Glen (get the joke?

Toriko Junishi (鳥こ順西) es una Youkai de raza específica desconocida, ella viene del occidente por órdenes de Junko, Clownpiece y Hecatia. Ella vino a Gensokyo por órdenes de Junko, Clownpiece y Hecatia, ya que en un juego con Hecatia ella perdió y la gran penitencia de esta fue ser obediente a sus órdenes, y tanto como a las de Junko y Clownpiece, y por esta razón se vió obligada. Da wiki Touhou Wiki. Saltar para a navegação Saltar para a pesquisa. はくれい れいむ 博麗 霊夢 Hakurei Reimu hakɯɽeː ɽeːmɯ Informação Espécie: Humana: Habilidades: Habilidade de flutuar Manipulação de aura Poderes da Sacerdotisa de Hakurei. Ocupação: Sacerdotisa de Hakurei Localização: Santuário Hakurei. Descrição (Touhou 1-2) Reimu usa uma camiseta vermelha com. Touhou Project (1455) ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (15) Undertale (Video Game) (11) Vocaloid (8) Original Work (7) Dragon Ball (7) Pocket Monsters | Pokemon - All Media Types (7) Hetalia: Axis Powers (6) Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika | Puella Magi Madoka Magica (6) Love Live! School Idol Project (6) Include Characters Hakurei Reimu (438.

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The Psonic X Touhou Wiki (stylized version: PSONIC × 東方 Wiki) is a collaborative site of knowledge for everything related to Psonic X Touhou, a future competitive arcade-styled crossover fighting video game title with some role-playing game elements. As wiki contributors, there are 1 active users, 37 files and 11 pages to grow the community since it was founded in November 13, 2016. The. This category should contain stages that originate from, or are based on aspects of, the Touhou Project series Junko Touhou #6366. Total Wallpapers: 5 Created at: 2017-02-24 19:44:09. Similar Tags: Enoshima Junko Junko Touhou Asou Junko Eroshima Junko Junko Enoshima Zombie 4 Junko Konno konno junko. 5 HD Wallpapers. richs 0 0. Sikoly 2 3. kejsirajbek 1 1. Wisespark 0 0. SadovnikMuller 0 0. More « » × Subscribe to get 40 exclusive photos. And receive a monthly newsletter with our best high quality. Psonic X Touhou/Remilia Scarlet < Psonic X Touhou. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share. Remilia Scarlet Full name Remilia Scarlet Alias Remi (by Patchouli) Race Vampire Gender Female Occupation Mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion Abilities Manipulation of fate Good point Polite Bad point Childish Likes Blood, her younger sister Flandre Dislikes Garlic toast Hobbies Obtaining occult. Information Name (English): Junko Jenko Name (Japanese): ジュンコ・ジェンコ From: V Gundam Appearances SD Gundam G Generation World Stats: Abilities: Acquiring: Shop: Available from start Appearances SD Gundam G Generation World ジュンコ・ジェンコJunko Jenko COST EXP MP SHT MEL RCT DEF AWK LDR CHR 31300 650 380 18 20 20 17 0 10 10 Level Name (English) Name (Japanese) Cost.

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Transcendence Inducement Junko (Touhou) used her power to purify anything to refine herself into an embodiment and divine spirit, and turned an army of fairies into embodiments of life. Power/Ability to: Transcend things to a higher state. The power to transcend things to a higher state. Sub-power of Transcendence Manipulation. Variation of Inducement. Contents . Also Called. Ascension. Characters from Touhou Project. Characters from Touhou Project. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. GoAnimate Community. 1,641 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Behavior Card Day; Sakurada Brothers; Charity Brooklyn; UTubeTrollsPolice; Jamie Mertens. Looking for information on Junko Minagawa? On MyAnimeList you can learn more about their role in the anime and manga industry. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more Touhou Michihoshi~ Star of Undiscovered Myth (東方未知星 ~ Star of Undiscovered Myth, lit. Eastern Unknown Star) is the sixth Fighting game in the Touhou Project, and a follow-up to Urban Legend in Limbo, being a collaboration between Plasma Productions and Shooting Star Studios. It chronologically takes place about 1 year after Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. It's set to be released during.

Characters from the Video Game series Touhou Projec ? junko (touhou) 2.9k; Artists? sayakata katsumi 268; Tags? 3girls 138k? bare shoulders 369k? box 22k? breasts 1374k? butterfly net 722? cardboard box 3.6k? cleavage 409k? collar 70k? comic 319k? dress 513k? fire 28k? food 190k? fruit 51k ? greyscale 291k? hand net 881? hat 616k? holding 319k? jester cap 3.9k? kotatsu 4.4k? large breasts 655k? mandarin orange 2.8k? monochrome 371k? multiple. The Touhou Protection Squad, or TPS for short, is some kind of squad created by the ideas of GensokyoAngel's mind, but eventually included the ideas of other users. Main Reimu Hakurei: Just about every main protagonist character ever, mainly Haruhi Suzumiya and Mario (she is the main protagonist of Touhou Project after all.), Marisa Kirisame: Seitekina Taiyo (Main), Peashy, Odin (Fire Emblem.

The Touhou Project features a great number and variety of characters. Over the course of 28 games, literature, and music CDs, the cast has grown to having over 180 characters. Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame are considered the protagonists of the Touhou Project, due to being the most frequent playable characters in the games. Others characters' roles in the games consist of supporting. Liste des personnages Touhou Project. Voici la liste de tous les personnages de Touhou Project, classés en fonction de leur première apparition dans la série (Les personnages suivis d'un ne possèdent pas de nom officiel).Il est à noter que les « générations » (terme non-officiel) ont été réparties selon cette image.. Pour accéder à une classification des personnages par ordre.

For the alternate versions of Junko Enoshima, see: Ryōko Otonashi or Alter Ego Junko. Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子), is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Her title is the Ultimate Fashionista (超高校級の「ギャル」 lit. Super High School Level Fashion Girl). At the end of the. Category:Touhou | Burngoberrie Wiki | Fandom. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Burngoberrie Wiki. 960 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. Four (BFB) Klasky-Csupo Splaat. De Touhou Wiki. Sauter à la navigation Sauter à la recherche. 蘇我 (そが) (の) 屠自古 (とじこ) Soga no Tojiko soga no tod͡ʑiko Tojiko Soga; Soga no Toziko; Soga no Tojiko dans Ten Desires. Fantôme descendant des Dieux Plus de Titres des personnages: Espèce: Ghost. Capacités: Causer le tonnerre Âge: Morte (Existe depuis plus de 1400 ans) Emplacement: Hall of Dreams' Great.

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Characters []. Touhou characters are often referred to as Touhoes, Toehoes (a pun on how the Japanese word is properly pronounced), 2hous or 2hus. There are a lot of characters - according to the Touhou wiki, over a hundred of them.A quick rundown of a few of the more prominent Touhoes follows (feel free to add your favourite 2hu for extralulz, we know you want it) From Touhou Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Microsoft Windows (Windows for short) is an operating system produced by Microsoft, available in several versions. It's used on personal computers and is one of the most widely-used operating systems in the world. Windows is also a term to describe the Touhou Project in general when excluding the PC-98 games. There have been many versions.

Touhou Azure Trilogy is a fighting video game (based on its elements from the Touhou fighting video games) in the Touhou series. This fighting game is for the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This fighting video game has been released on November 1, 2019. The gameplay of Touhou Azure Trilogy is similar to that of the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise and Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball. Touhou-Online, Ham-Sur-Heure, Hainaut, Belgium 。 8,328 個讚 · 372 人正在談論這個。 Touhou-Online est une association francophone de Touhou-Project, prêt a accueillir tous les fans de Touhou et a les faire..

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The Touhou Project (東方Project Tōhō Purojekuto, lit. Eastern Project), also known as Toho Project or Project Shrine Maiden is a series of Japanese bullet hell shooter video games developed by the Team Shanghai Alice, confirmed by the only man Jun'ya Ota, who holds the pseudonym of ZUN. It's mostly about the adventures of Reimu and Marisa, a shrine maiden and a magician in Gensokyo. Each. Junko #0@276달의 주민들은 꿈의 세계에 숨어들었지. Junko #0@284달의 주민들이 달의 도시에 머물 수 없게 되면 분명 그렇게 나올 것이라 읽어냈다. Junko #0@292그리고 물론, 나는 선수를 쳤고. Junko #0@300꿈의 세계에 자객을 잠입시켜 두었다. Junko #0@308자. 지옥의 여신. Junko #0@308..... 달의 주민들은 꿈의 세계에 숨어들었지. Junko #0@316달의 주민들이 달의 도시에 머물 수 없게 되면 분명 그렇게 나올 것이라 읽어냈다. Junko #0@324그리고 물론, 나는 선수를 쳤고. Junko #0@332꿈의 세계에 자객을 잠입시켜 두었다. Junko #0@340자. 지옥의 여신. One of many characters in the Touhou Project, she is an adept magician who is known for her skillful use of dolls. Aya Shameimaru. A crow tengu who authors a newspaper in Gensokyo. She's the main character of the Touhou Project games Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler. Byakuren Hijiri. A boss from Touhou 12 - Undefined Fantastic Object. She's a magician who specializes in increasing her.

Psonic X Touhou/Placid Ironside < Psonic X Touhou. Edit. Classic editor History Comments Share. Placid Ironside Full name Placid Leonard Ironside Alias Engineer Placid, Plutarch, Cyborg Engineer, Pioneer Race Modified human Gender Male Occupation Combat engineer Abilities Vision goggles, robotic hand, inventive jet pack, invention, military weapons Good point Genius Bad point Clumsy Likes. She then confronts Junko, the one Eirin and Sagume wanted Reisen to take care of. Eventually, she is finally defeated. In the Extra stage, the lunarians have yet to return from the fake capital in the Dream World; this is because Hecatia Lapislazuli kept them sealed away. After fighting her along with Junko through a long battle, they were finally defeated. Спин-оффы [править] Junko Race: Esprit divin Capacité: Elle peut tout purifier Son nom Jun-ko peut se traduire par Pure Fox, ce qui explique pourquoi elle a 7 queues derrière elle. Elle serait donc associée au.. Psonic X Touhou (stylized its logo as PSONIC × 東方) is a future competitive arcade-style crossover fighting video game that will be developed by Psonic, in collaboration with Team Shanghai Alice (particularly ZUN), Elecbyte, Epic Games and Eighting and published by the same organization in both Asia and South America, NIS America in both North America and Europe and Taito Corporation in. 2018/07/09 - このピンは、舞梨花 薪孃さんが見つけました。あなたも Pinterest で自分だけのピンを見つけて保存しましょう

From Touhou Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 清 (せい) 蘭 (らん) Seiran se̞ːɾ̠ã̠ɴ; Seiran in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. The Pale Blue Eagle Ravi More Character Titles: Species: Moon rabbit. Abilities: Firing bullets from other dimensions Occupation: Deserted Lunarian military infiltrator, now Dango Salesgirl Location: Gensokyo Music Themes. 兎は舞い降りた (Legacy of. The Touhou Project (Windows Canon) bundle groups all Touhou Project games starting from the sixth, which marks the beginning of canon events in the universe, as well as the mangas and cds.. Unlike those from the PC-98 era (bundled), the characters below aren't separated by first appearance (making the Windows era a series).. The reasoning behind this is that Touhou Puppet Dance Performance v1.34 English. Prepatched English Translation: Download Link [ 2016-09-05, v1.02 ] Download Link [ 2016-02-11, v1.01 ] Download Link [ 2015-11-26, v1.00 ] Manual Patching Method: TPDP v1.00 Unpatched Setup [ baidu / mega] Alternatively: Guide on How to Actually Buy the Game; TPDP Update Patch Folder [ link] Patch with 1.00→1.10, 1.10→1.20, 1.20→1.34. TPDP. Full view of Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (Touhoumon) - Junko. The Spriters Resource - Full Sheet View - Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (Touhoumon) - Junko Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Logi Cirno obviously 1: Hecatia (officially the strongest character) 2: Junko (her power is considered an ability to give birth to gods) 3: Eiki (can judge and bring someone in heaven or hell

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Eientei (永遠亭, lit. House of Eternity) is the name of a large, old-fashioned Japanese mansion hidden deep within the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. It has hallways that lead out into the far reaches of the sky. It was created by Eirin Yagokoro for Kaguya Houraisan.[1 Reimu Hakurei is the sole maiden of the Hakurei Shrine who is commonly called upon (or calls it upon herself) to investigate strange incidents throughout Gensokyo. As time passed, however, she developed her abilities, becoming able to manipulate the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb, special amulets, and her own spiritual power to fight more effectively. Sometimes, she realized the ability to fly under her.

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From Touhou Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Attention: This article is a stub and it needs expanding with more information related to the article's topic. If you can add to it in any way, please do so. 杖刀偶 (じょうとうぐう) 磨弓 (まゆみ) Mayumi Joutouguu Mayumi Joutougu; Mayumi Joutouguu in Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. Haniwa Lance Corporal More Character Titles. clownpiece; facesitting; junko; junko-touhou; lolk; thicc; touhou; touhou-lolk; You might also enjoy... Licensing Terms. You are free to copy, distribute and transmit this work under the following conditions: Attribution: You must give credit to the artist. Noncommercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes. Commons Deed; Legal Code; FEATURED CONTENT. Games Movies Audio Art. Psonic X Touhou (stylized as PSONIC × 東方) is a future competitive arcade-style crossover fighting game being developed by Psonic in conjunction with Team Shanghai Alice (ZUN), Elecbyte, Epic Games and Eighting and published by the same organization in both Asia and South America, NIS America in both North America and Europe and Taito Corporation in Japan. The game features characters from. From Touhou Wiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search. ドレミー・スイート Doremy Sweet do̞ɺ̠e̞miː sɯᵝiːto̞; Doremy Sweet in Antinomy of Common Flowers. Ruler of Dreams More Character Titles: Species: Baku. Abilities: Eating and creating dreams Occupation: Dream World manager Location: Dream World. Music Themes. 永遠の春夢 (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom) Appearances. Official. Touhou 1-5 (PC-98 series) + Emulator Post oleh : Anigamelover Touhou Project Channel | Rilis : September 19, 2017 | Series : Danmaku / Shooting Official PC-98. As we all know, Touhou started it's franchise on the platform of PC-98, it's first game being a breakout game instead of a normal Vertical Danmaku Scrolling game. First installment of the Series is Touhou 1: Highly Responsive to Prayers.

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